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Type 635 hydrographic survey ship is a series of hydrographic survey ships developed by China for its People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). Type 635 series in PLAN service are designated by a combination of two Chinese characters followed by three-digit number. The second Chinese character is Ce (测), meaning survey in Chinese, because these ships are classified as survey ship. The first Chinese character denotes which fleet the ship is service with, with East (Dong, 东) for East Sea Fleet, North (Bei, 北) for North Sea Fleet, and South (Nan, 南) for South Sea Fleet. However, pennant numbers may have changed due to the change of Chinese naval ships naming convention.

Type 635A/B/C

Type 635 A/B/C series with NATO reporting name Yanlai (延来) class is the first batch of the Type 635 series. These ships are sometimes collectively known as Type 635I, because the difference between these models are relatively minor in comparison to the second batch. These ships differ from second batch in that the deck at the stern is circular shaped and they are purely for surveying missions. Construction of the first ship begun in 1970 and some modification was made to the second ship, which was designated as Type 635B, and the first ship was subsequently designated as Type 635A. In 1976, based on the experienced gained from deployment, PLAN required further upgrade of Type 635B and these ships are designated as Type 635C. Design was completed in Jun 1977 and construction for both ships begun simultaneously in October of the same year, and they entered service respectively in 1982 and 1983. Type 635C actually developed later than Type 635II, and they are built by Jiangxi Ruichang Jiangzhou Shipyard (江西瑞昌江州造船厂), a division of Jiangzhou Union Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (江西江州联合造船有限责任公司) Specification:[1]

  • Length (m): 74.8
  • Length between perpendiculars (m): 68.6
  • Beam: 10
  • Depth (m): 4.7
  • Draft (m): 3.5
  • Displacement (t): 1216
  • Main propulsion: two diesel engine @ 1320 kW (1800 hp) each
  • Max wind scale allowed for sailing: 10
  • Range (nm): 4000

Type 635II

Type 635II is the development of Type 635A/B, and differs from its predecessor in that in addition to hydrographic survey missions, Type 635II is also capable of carrying out ASW and mine laying missions. To carry out these combat missions, additional armament was added. The most obvious visual external difference between Type 635A/B/C (Type 635I) and Type 635 II is that the deck at the stern of Type 635II is in rectangular shape, instead of the circular shape of that of Type 635I. Construction begun in 1970, but due to political turmoil in China, namely, Cultural Revolution, it was not half a decade later was the ship finally delivered. Specification:[1]

  • Length (m): 81.2
  • Length between perpendiculars (m): 76
  • Beam: 9
  • Depth (m): 4.4
  • Draft (m): 3.54
  • Displacement (t): 1245
  • Main propulsion: two diesel engine @ 1320 kW (1800 hp) each
  • Max wind scale allowed for sailing: 10
  • Max speed (kt): > 17
  • Range (nm): 4200
  • Endurance (day): 30
  • Armament: 2 twin 37 mm gun, 2 twin 25 mm gun, 2 depth charge mortar, 2 mine rails
 Type   Pennant #   Builder   Laid down   Commissioned   Status   Fleet 
635A Bei-Ce 943 Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard Jan 1970 Active North Sea Fleet
635B Dong-Ce 227 Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard 1972 Active East Sea Fleet
635C Dong-Ce 226 Jiangxi Ruichang Jiangzhou Shipyard Oct 1977 Feb 1982 Active East Sea Fleet
635C Nan-Ce 427 Jiangxi Ruichang Jiangzhou Shipyard Oct 1977 Jan 1983 Active South Sea Fleet
635II Nan-Ce 420 Guangzhou Shipyard International Dec 1970 Nov 1975 Active South Sea Fleet


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