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Type 202 submarine
Class overview
Builders: Atlas Werke, Bremen
Operators:  German Navy
Planned: Forty
Completed: Two
Retired: Two
General characteristics
Type: Type 202 U-boat
Displacement: 100 tonne, surfaced;
137 t, submerged
Length: 23.1 m
Beam:   3.4 m
Draft:   2.7 m
Propulsion: 350 hp diesel-engine
20 kW electric motor
Speed:   6 knots (11 km/h), surfaced;
13 knots (24 km/h), submerged
Range: 400 nmi at 4 knots, surfaced;
(740 km at 7 km/h)
160 nmi at 3 knots, submerged
(300 km at 6 km/h)
Complement: 6
Armament: 2 short (3.5 m) torpedo tubes,
2 torpedoes or 4 naval mines

The Type 202 was a short lived class of German submarines. Design of these very small submarines started in 1957 by Ingenieurkontor Lübeck (IKL). It was intended to build 40 Type 202 mini submarines with a six man crew but technical difficulties and doubts about their usefulness reduced them to three, and of those three for trials, to be further reduced to two. The boats were in service only a few months and were scrapped shortly after.

They were one of the few military U-Boats not bearing "U-numbers", probably since they were never intended for combat use. Instead they were named after important German engineers in submarine constructions (like Wilhelm Bauer).

Hans Techel was built with traditional propeller and rudders (similar to the Type 205 submarines), but Friedrich Schürer had a rotatable Kort nozzle instead.

List of ships

Name Launched com-
S172 Hans Techel March 15, 1965 October 14, 1965 December 15, 1966 scrapped
S173 Friedrich Schürer November 10, 1966 April 6, 1966 December 15, 1966 scrapped


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