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The Tughril-class frigate is the new multi-mission guided missile frigates, currently in service with the Pakistan Navy. The class is based on Type 054A/P, Pakistani variant of the Chinese Type 054A frigate. This frigate class is named after Tughril the First, one of the founders of the Seljuk Empire, which governed modern-day Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey between the 11th and 14th centuries. The first ship, PNS Tughril was entered to the service in 2021.[1] The Tughril class is the most modern combat ships in Pakistan Navy service.

Ships in the class

Pennant number Name Builder Launched Commissioned Status
F261 Tughril Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard 22 August 2020 8 November 2021 Active
F262 Tippu Sultan Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard Launched
F263 Taimur Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard Launched
F264 Shahjahan Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard Launched

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