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TsNIITochMash (Russian: ЦНИИТочмаш) is an initialism for the Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Building (Центральный научно-исследовательский институт точного машиностроения), a Russian industrial design bureau. TsNIITochMash is a major designer and producer of weapons for the Russian military and MVD Internal Troops.

TsNIITochMash determines the development of and develops small arms and simulators for them, individual field equipment, conducts R&D on control systems for precision-guided munitions (as well as protection against them), field artillery systems and new materials. It also develops most cartridges, from small arms up to 14.5 x 114 mm, for the Russian Army.

Military products

Frogman with a Russian IDA71 rebreather, riding a Protei 5, carrying an APS rifle



  • State Demonstration-Test Center - SDTC
  • Ordnance upgrade program for 120mm self-propelled Mortars - 2S9 Anona-SVK, and 2S31 Vena

2S9 Nona-SVK

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