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TsNIIMash (Russian: ЦНИИмаш) is an initialism for the Central Research Institute of Machine Building (Центральный научно-исследовательский институт машиностроения), which is the institute of the Russian aeronautics and space agency and specializes in the development of long range ballistic missiles, air defense missiles, and propulsion units for defense sectors. It was formed in 1946.[1]

TsNIIMash is administrated by the Russian Federal Space Agency.

It performs the following activities:

  • Fundamental scientific and system research to prepare the basic strategy for spacecraft and rocket technology development.[2]
  • Theoretical calculations and experimental research on aeronautical and gas dynamic loads in the atmosphere of the Earth and other planets, and in outer space.
  • Analysis of the thermal resistance of thermal shields in high-temperature gas flows.[3]
  • Theoretical calculations and experimental qualification of designs under the influence of static, dynamic, shock, and thermal loads.
  • Ground control of spacecraft, as well as research and development of new methods and algorithms for guidance, ballistics and navigation.
  • Development of methods and instruments for mission control during orbital insertion, attitude re-orientation, stabilization, orbital maneuvering, re-entry and landing.[4]
  • Reliability aspects of spacecraft and rocket engineering.
  • Standardization and harmonization of spacecraft and rocket engineering products, as well as certification and quality control.
  • Introduction of space technology in the national economy.

TsNIIMash is a rocket and spacecraft scientific center, dealing with all phases of development from conceptual design to flight test. It shares this characteristic with organizations such as: RSC Energia, NII Khimmash, Zvezda Enterprise, Isaev KB Khimmash, NPO IT, Stroyinvest JSC, Agat Organization, and Kompozit JSC.

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