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Transport Medal
Transport Medal obv.jpgFile:Transport Medal rev.jpg
Obverse and reverse of medal
Awarded by United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Type Campaign medal
Eligibility Mercantile Marine.
Awarded for Campaign service.
Description Silver disk 36 mm wide
  • S.AFRICA 1899-1902
  • CHINA 1900
  • Statistics
    Established 1902
    Total awarded 1719
    Transport Medal BAR.svg
    Ribbon: red with two blue stripes

    The Transport Medal was a British campaign medal awarded to masters and officers of merchant ships that were used to move men and equipment to either South Africa during the South African War or China during the Boxer Rebellion.[1][2] Approved in 1902 it was awarded by the Lord Commissioners of the Admiralty, it was intended that the medal would be awarded for future conflicts but was only awarded for the South Africa and China wars.[3]

    The obverse of the medal bears the head of King Edward VII while the reverse depicts HMS Ophir beneath a map of the world.[1] The reverse has the words in Latin OB PATRIAM MILITIBUS PER MARE TRANSVECTIS ADJUTAM which translates as for services rendered in transporting troops by sea.[1]


    S.AFRICA 1899-1902
    For services related to the South African War[2]
    CHINA 1900
    For services related to the Boxer Rebellion[2]

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