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United States Coast Guard
File:TRACEN Yorktown.jpg
An aerial view of the Training Center
Active 1957-Present
Country United States of America
Branch Coast Guard
Size 500+
Motto(s) "Forge Today’s Force to Execute Tomorrow’s Mission" [1]
Equipment Patrol Boats

The US Coast Guard Training Center (TRACEN) in Yorktown, Virginia is one of four major Coast Guard training facilities in the United States. The others are Training Center Petaluma, Training Center Cape May and the Aviation Technical Training Center, located in Elizabeth City. TRACEN Cape May is the only US Coast Guard Base used for Basic Military Training or "boot camp". TRACEN Yorktown, TRACEN Petaluma and the Aviation Technical Training Center are locations for Coast Guard's apprentice level "A" and advanced level "C" Schools.

"A" School's

The US Coast Guard offers seven "A" school courses at TRACEN Yorktown.

International Training

The US Coast Guard offers opportunities for foreign Coast Guard members to experience US military training. This training enhances military skills and advances technical understanding. This International training is 15 weeks long.

TRACEN Yorktown History

In 1917, The US Navy purchased 400,000 acres of the Yorktown peninsula to serve as a fuel depot. In 1942 the US Navy housed their Mine Warfare Training School on the land. The US Coast Guard took possession of the school in 1957 and established the Reserve Training Center or RTC. The purpose of the RTC was to become the home of Coast Guard Officer Candidate School and a large summer training program for reservists. Today it serves as one of three training centers in the nation.

The William Gooch Tomb and York Village Archeological Site is located on the property. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.[2]


Training at TRACEN Yorktown is extensive. The training is designed to instill a profound understanding of technical and leadership skills in order to perform duties in a leadership role as a Petty Officer. The duration of "A" School training is typically 10 to 19 weeks depending on the course. Permanently assigned personnel include active duty, reserve, and civilian instructional, curriculum design and support staff. Students include Coast Guard active duty, reservist, and Auxiliarist. Additionally, TRACEN Yorktown provides training to other US military services and agencies, and foreign militaries and Coast Guards.

Base Services

The Coast Guard is unique in that all other military branches have large bases with many services. The Coast Guard has many small stations that do not have those services. However, there are a few bases that the Coast Guard operate with all the services that other branches have on their bases. TRACEN Yorktown is one of those bases. The Training Center has a number of services:

  • Auto Hobby Shop
  • Barber Shop
  • Chapel
  • Clinic
  • Credit Union
  • Cyber Cafe
  • Dry Cleaner
  • Coast Guard Exchange
  • Dining Facility
  • Gym
  • Subway

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