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Torii Station
Okinawa, Japan
Torii Station (United States Military base)
Type Military base
Site information
Controlled by United States Army
Site history
Materials Concrete
Garrison information
COL Lance R. Koenig, CSM Robert Austin
Garrison USAG-J

Torii Station (Japanese: トリイステーション) is a United States Army facility located in Yomitan, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Home to the United States Army on Okinawa, 10th Support Group, along with the 1-1 ADA (REG), 835th Trans BN, 247th MP DET, 505th QM BN, 83rd ORD BN,35th CSSB, 1st Battalion - 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), and the 58th SIG BN provide support to all other services on island.

It is the main United States Army controlled garrison in the Okinawa prefecture of Japan. The Army on Okinawa is responsible for the critical function for all US services on Okinawa.[Clarification needed] The major functions include receiving and distributing cargo, distributing the island's military fuel supply, and port operations. A medical clinic is located on Torii Station which addresses the needs of the active duty personnel assigned to Torii. A Dental Clinic is located on Torii Station, which provides complete and qualified care for active duty personnel. It also houses the Scuba Locker, where SCUBA equipment is available for rent or purchase.

The Torii Communication site 'Torii Station' is so named for the torii (鳥居), or Japanese Shinto gates, at its front gate. The site is located in the level area of southwestern Yomitan village and is a very significant strategic communication network. Over 400 Japanese farmers maintain fields on the base for farming crops such as sugar cane, but the space allocations for farming are shrinking.[1]


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