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Titinius was a nomen of ancient Rome. He was a friend of Cassius and one of the conspirators in Caesar's death. Later at the battle of Phillipi, he took his own life because Cassius killed himself (Cassius thought Titinius had died).

  • Marcus Titinius, tribune 450 BC
  • Lucius Titinius Pansa Saccus, consular tribune 400 BC, 396 BC
  • Marcus Titinius, magister equitum 302 BC
  • Gaius Titinius Gadaeus, bandit in slave revolt used by Gaius Marius
  • Marcus Titinius, commander in the time of Marius
  • Titinius, poet, earliest known composer of tabernariae, survived Terence, only fragments extant
  • Gnaeus Octavius Titinius Capito, official and writer 2nd century

Titinius also appears as a character in the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.

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