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Tidworth Camp
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Lucknow Barracks
Type Barracks
Coordinates Latitude:
Built 1897
In use 1897-Present
Ministry of Defence

Tidworth Camp is a military installation at Tidworth in Wiltshire.


The Camp was established when the War Office acquired Tedworth House and large tracts of land to the north of the house in 1897.[1] Southern Command was established at Tidworth Camp in 1905.[2] Lucknow Barracks and Mooltan Barracks were completed in 1905, Tidworth Military Hospital was finished in 1907 and a Royal Ordnance depot was established during the First World War.[1] Aliwal Barracks, Assaye Barracks, Bhurtpore Barracks, Candahar Barracks, Delhi Barracks and Jellalabad Barracks were added later.[3] The names of the barracks evoke memories of battles in India and Afghanistan (e.g. Aliwal, Assaye, Bhurtpore, Candahar, Delhi, Jellalabad, Lucknow and Mooltan). During the Second World War the Camp was home to 8th Armored Division, a formation of the United States Army.[4]

Tidworth Military Cemetery was set up to serve the barracks. It includes the war graves of 417 Commonwealth service personnel of the First World War and 106 of the Second World War.[5]

Southern Command left the Camp and moved to Erskine Barracks near Fugglestone St Peter in 1949.[6] The Military Hospital closed in March 1977.[7]

Extensive reconstruction of Tidworth Camp involving 160 new or refurbished buildings was carried out between 2006 and 2014.[3] Delhi Barracks is home to Headquarters 1st Armoured Infantry Brigade and its affiliated units[8] and Jellalabad Barracks was home to Headquarters 43rd (Wessex) Brigade and its affiliated units.[9]

Current Garrison


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