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Bust of Thymios Vlachavas in Kalambaka

Thymios Vlahavas (Greek: Θύμιος Βλαχάβας, also known as Παπαθύμιος Papathymios; born in Vlachava (also known as Smoliani) in 1760, died in 1809) was a Greek klepht.

He was the son of Athanasios Vlachavas. In the 19th century, he achieved a prominent position among the other klepht leaders, and led the fight against Ali Pasha, the powerful and semi-independent Ottoman governor of Yanina. Along with others, he prepared a large-scale anti-Ottoman uprising on May 1808, but it was betrayed. Vlachavas was later captured by Ali Pasha by ploy, executed and quartered.


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