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Thomas Crowley (14 February 1949 – 10 June 1995) was an Irishman who fought in the Croatian War of Independence.

He joined as a volunteer with the Croatian Defence Forces in 1991 and was assigned to the Ante Paradžik First Battalion in 1991. He participated as a commando in battles at Dubrovnik, Livno, Mostar, Popovo Polje, Operation Maslenica, the liberation of Skabrnje, and Zemunik, where he was wounded.[citation needed]

In 1994 he led a training camp for the 114th brigade, training more than 2,000 soldiers. He was killed in action near Dubrovnik in 1995 and is buried near Split. He died as a Major in the Croatian Defence Forces and was posthumously awarded the Croatian Medal of Honour in 2012.[1]


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