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Third Army
Active World War I
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
Type Field Army
Engagements Battle of the Somme, Battle of Arras, Battle of Cambrai, Battle of Passchendale, Battle of Amiens
General Edmund Allenby
General Sir Julian Byng

The Third Army was a part of the British Army during World War I.

First World War

The Third Army was part of the British Army during World War I and was formed in France on 13 July 1915.[1]

During August 1915 the Third Army took over trench line south of the French Tenth Army, which had to keep in position for the upcoming autumn offensive. This made the Third Army geographically separate from the other British Armies for the time being.[2] This remained the case until early 1916, when Tenth Army was redeployed because of French losses at Verdun and the British Fourth Army was formed.

The battles it took part in on the Western Front included:


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