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The Italian Third Army was an Italian Army which was formed in World War I and World War II.

World War I

At the start of the participation of Italy in World War I (May 1915), the Third Army occupied the southern part of the Isonzo Front. It was commanded by Prince Emanuele Filiberto, Duke of Aosta and consisted of the

  • VI Corps (Lieutenant General Ruelle),
  • VII Corps (Lieutenant General Garioni),
  • XI Corps (Lieutenant General Cigliana).[1]

The Third Army participated in all eleven Battles of the Isonzo (1914-1917). It withdrew in relative good order during the Caporetto disaster of October 1917 and played a leading role in the final victory offensive a year later. This gave it its name "La Armata Invitta" ("The undefeated Army").
There is a museum of the Third Army in Padua.[2]

World War II

In June 1940, the Third Army was formed and based in Southern Italy, Sicily and Sardinia. It was disbanded on 20 December 1940.
Its commander was General Carlo Geloso.[3]


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