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The Volunteer Ribbon is an Israeli decoration that is awarded to World War I and World War II veterans.

The Volunteer Ribbon
The Volunteer Ribbon
Awarded by The State of Israel
Country  Israel
Type Award for military service towards the establishment of the State of Israel

First World War

Second World War
Established 1961
Order of wear
Next (higher) Nili Ribbon
Next (lower) Ribbon of The Haganah

Award criteria

The ribbon is awarded to:

  • All those who during the World War I volunteered to the World War I Batalion.
  • An Israeli citizen or a permanent resident of Israel who, or those who during permanent residency in Palestine volunteered during the World War I, to serve in the Turkish army according to the needs of the Yishuv's (the national Jewish institutions).
  • Israeli citizens or permanent residents of Israel who volunteered for the British army during the World War II before 8/11/1944. If they volunteered in 8/11/1944 or later, the condition is that they served for six consecutive months or more.
  • 39th Battalion, Jewish Legion, at Fort Edward (Nova Scotia), Yom Kippur, 1918

    Citizens who volunteered during the Second World War are eligible for the Nazi Fighter ribbon for their engagement.  

1st Battalion of the Jewish Brigade on parade

Israeli veteran with medals and ribbons including The Volunteer Ribbon

If the person eligible for this award has passed away, a family member (a spouse, a son, a daughter, a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, a grandson, a granddaughter) is entitled to submit an application requesting the ribbon, or an equivalent to the ribbon in event of loss or wear and tear.[1]



The ribbon's central stripe shows the flag of Israel with red, orange and green stripes on either side.

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