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Texas Campaign
Part of the Mexican-American War
Palo Alto nebel.jpg
The Battle of Palo Alto.
Date25 April - 9 May 1846
LocationTexas, United States
Result American Victory
 United States  Mexico
Commanders and leaders
United States Zachary Taylor
United States Seth Thornton  (POW)
United States Jacob Brown
Mexico Mariano Arista
Mexico Anastasio Torrejón
2,400 (May) 4,000 (May)
Casualties and losses
60 killied
149 wounded
335 killed
336 wounded

The Texas Campaign was the first front in the Mexican-American War, fought between the United States and Mexico. The front started with a Mexican assault near Brownsville. US forces were forced to surrender after hours of resisting, which lead President James K. Polk to declare war on Mexico. After the United States defeated a larger Mexican Army at Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma, Mexican Forces led by Mariano Arista retreated out of Texas.

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