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Territorial Defence Force
Ukrainian: Війська територіальної оборони
Founded 2014
Country Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Branch Armed Forces
Type militia

Territorial Defence Forces (Ukrainian: Війська територіальної оборони) — military reserve component of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


Struct TD

In late 2014 a system of territorial defense of Ukraine has changed. Formed territorial defense battalions were reorganized and transferred to mechanized infantry brigade of the Army. To replace gradually introduced a new structure of territorial defense forces of the Armed Forces, which are shown below.

Example of Ukrainian Forces later was used by Poland to took advantage and build its own armed forces, which from 2015 implemented a similar practice.

Regional military commissariats form at its base separate rifle battalions, district (city) military commissariats formed defense units in an amount of 2 to 5 units, depending on the assigned tasks. Besides regional and district military commissariats have a staff defence company, involved in the tasks of territorial defense (TD).

All units are equipped reservists and military service obligatories. Preparation of the units of TD held within educational meeting of military service (with practical appeal) and the activities carried out between educational meeting.

In late May - early June 2015 passed the headquarters of the Territorial Defense training with practical mobilisation and coordination of TD units in 18 regions of Ukraine. In early September, in all areas is another call for military training in ten days meetings for training in battalion, mouth and units.


Infantry Battalion[]

Struct TD RB
  • battalion administration (headquarters)
  • 3 infantry company
  • fire support company
  • reconnaissance platoon
  • field communication unit
  • engineer platoon
  • material support platoon
  • technical control point
  • health center
  • club

Military Commissariat Defence Company[]

Struct TD DC
  • headquarters company
  • 4 protection platoons
  • Unit size: 121 people
  • Weapons: RPG-7, AK, PM
  • Appliances: Automotive

Defense Detachment[]

Struct TD DD
  • control unit
  • 9 infantry platoons
  • economic department
  • maintenance department of automotive engineering
  • health center
  • Unit size: 278 people
  • Weapons: RPG-7, AK, PM
  • Appliances: Automotive


Territorial defense throughout Ukraine organizes the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in areas relevant regional administrations, within their powers. Direct supervision of state territorial defense by the head of the General Staff - Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

By territorial defense tasks within their powers involved in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations formed in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, law enforcement bodies, units of the State Special Transport Service, State Special Communications Service of Ukraine and the relevant authorities.


  • protection of public authorities, local governments, critical facilities and communications;
  • deployment and duty to checkpoints;
  • combating sabotage and intelligence forces of the enemy, formed by anti-illegal armed formations and looters;
  • maintaining safety and security on their respective territories (region, city);
  • Resistance organization and (or) guerrilla groups - in case of capture enemy territory liability;
  • emergencies of natural and man-made disasters in peacetime.

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