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The tank templates are navboxes providing links to tank articles. They are placed in relevant articles and lists relating to tanks and tank history.


Place the template below {{Infobox weapon}}, at the top of article content, or at the top of an article section.

{{Interwar tanks}}

Or place it at the bottom of an article, applying the wide style.

{{Interwar tanks|style=wide}}

The template automatically collapses when necessary, but this can be overridden with the state parameter.

{{Interwar tanks|state=uncollapsed}}

Tank navboxes

Tank navboxes by period

Each period-specific template lists the articles about tanks which entered service during the period.

  1. {{WWI tanks}} 1913–18
  2. {{Interwar tanks}} 1919–38
  3. {{WWII tanks}} 1939–September 1945
  4. {{Cold War tanks}} September 1945–1989 (fall of Communism)
  5. {{Post-Cold War tanks}} 1990–present

Tank series navboxes

Each tank series template provides links to tank articles closely related to one main article.