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The Israeli Technological and Logistics Directorate (acronym: Atal) is a directorate in the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, responsible for its logistics responses and tasks, and in particular: the building of military bases, maintaining a medical infrastructure during peacetime and times of war and emergencies, caring for the nutrition of soldiers, as well as for the fuel and maintenance of the managerial and military vehicle fleet of the IDF.

The Directorate is the third manifestation of the Technological and Logistics Directorate, overseeing the Logistics Corps, which saw many of its units and much of its authority transferred to the Ground Forces. During an emergency, the directorate is also responsible for the deployment of most non-combat reserve units. As of 2012, it is headed by Aluf Kobi Barak.


The directorate was created in February 1948 as the Quartermasters Directorate and renamed to Supply Directorate in 1972. In 1997 it was renamed to Technological and Logistics Directory, and in 2006 to Logistics, Medical, and the Centers Directorate. In 2008 the name was changed back to its current name.


Name Tenure
Yosef Avidar July 1947 – July 1949
Monty Green July 1949 – March 1950
Efraim Ben Artzi March 1950 – March 1952
Zvi Ayalon March 1952 – March 1954
Meir Ilan March 1954 – March 1960
Moshe Goren March 1960 – March 1964
Mati Peled March 1964 – March 1968
Amos Horev March 1968 – March 1972
Nehemiah Cain March 1972 – October 1974
Aryeh Levi October 1974 – October 1978
Yohanan Gur October 1978 – October 1983
Haim Erez October 1983 – October 1986
Menahem Einan October 1986 – January 1989
Ilan Biran January 1989 – April 1992
Shalom Hagai April 1992 – April 1995
Ami Sagis April 1995 – April 1998
Aharon Ze'evi-Farkash April 1998 – April 2001
Udi Adam April 2001 – April 2005
Avi Mizrahi April 2005 – December 2007
Dan Biton December 2007 – March 2012
Kobi Barak March 2012 –

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