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The most powerful of the Taurus revolvers, and one of the most powerful in the world are represented by the line Raging Bull. To get an idea of what this family of big guns, it suffices to note that the most "weak" that line is the model 444 in 44 Magnum caliber. These weapons were produced in 454 Casull caliber (one of the most powerful handgun calibers of the world). 480 Ruger 500 Magnum caliber very powerful and it represents the most powerful caliber that can be fired from a handgun. As you can imagine, these weapons are commonly used in hunting large animals such as bears and the sport of shooting metallic silhouette


  • Caliber:

    Taurus Raging Bull caliber .44

    (M-444) 44 Magnum (M-480) 480 Ruger, (M-454) 454 Casull, (M-500) 500 Magnum.
  • Capacity: 6 shots.Barrel length: 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 inches.
  • Overall length: 345 mm (8-inch pipe)
  • Operating system: double action
  • Sight: Strap adjustable and fixed massbass

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