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Task Force 17
USS Yorktown (CV-5) during the Battle of the Coral Sea, April 1942.jpg
Yorktown and Task Force 17 operate in the Pacific Ocean in February or March 1942.
Active 1941–1942 ?
Country United States
Branch United States Navy
Role Seizing and maintaining Command of the sea
Part of United States Pacific Fleet
Garrison/HQ Pearl Harbor, Hawaii[citation needed]
Engagements Marshalls-Gilberts raids
Invasion of Lae-Salamaua
Battle of the Coral Sea
Battle of Midway
Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands
Frank Jack Fletcher

Task Force 17 (TF17) was an aircraft carrier task force of the United States Navy during the Pacific Campaign of World War II. TF17 participated in several major carrier battles in the first year of the war.

TF17 was initially centered on the carrier Yorktown. With Yorktown, TF17 engaged Imperial Japanese Navy forces in actions at the Marshalls-Gilberts raids, Invasion of Lae-Salamaua, Battle of the Coral Sea, and the Battle of Midway. Yorktown was sunk at Midway.

Reformed around the carrier Hornet and commanded by RADM George Murray, TF17 supported Allied forces during the Guadalcanal Campaign. At the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, Hornet was sunk. After the battle the task force ceased to exist, the remaining ships (the cruiser and destroyer escorts) were then dispersed to other duties.



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