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Talagad Fort
Raigad district, Maharashtra
Talagad fort
Type Hill fort
Coordinates Latitude: 18.2923852
Longitude: 73.1359273
Government of India
Open to
the public

Way to the fort

Veer maruti idol

Rock cut water cistern


Talagad Fort is located 18 km south of the Roha town on Roaha-Tala-Indapur road.This fort is at an altitude of 1000feet.[1] This fort is in form of a narrow strip 20mt in width. This fort is situated on a narrow spur guarded by fortification. This fort served to keep watch on the enemy and the trade route from Maval to the sea ports around


It is not known about who built this fort. In the 16th century this fort was under the control of Adilshah of Bijapur. King Shivaji won this fort in 1648.[2] In 1659 this fort was encircled by troops of Siddhi of Janjira when Afzalkhan had tried to kill Shivaji at Pratapgad, However Shivaji killed Afzalkhan and knowing this Siddhi also returned with the troops to Janjira. In the Purandar treaty, King Shivaji kept this fort with himself along with 11 other forts while surrendering the other forts. After the death of Shivaji this fort was captured by Siddhi. In 1735 Bajiro peshwa-I captured this fort under Maratha rule. Finally Col. Prother captured this fort in 1818.

Places to see

The long fortification around the narrow strip of Machi is in good condition.There are many rock cut water cisterns on the Balekilla hill. There is an idol of Veer maruti near the main gate.The toilet block on the fortification are also seen.The fortification is in two layers.From the top of the fort Ghosale gad is clearly visible

How to reach

There are regular state transport buses and private vehicles which run between Roha, Indapur and Tala. The path from the town goes straight to the main entrance of the fort. The trek rout is of 45 minutes. The trek to the fort is simple and safe.There is no place for night halt on the fort.



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