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Takeda Yoshinobu (武田 義信?, 1538 – November 19, 1567) was a Japanese daimyo of the Sengoku period. Born Takeda Tarō (武田 太郎), he was the son of Takeda Shingen, by Shingen's wife, Lady Sanjō. (三条夫人?, real name unknown). He came of age in 1550, and took the formal name of Yoshinobu, receiving the "yoshi" from the 13th Ashikaga shogun, Ashikaga Yoshiteru. In 1552, to further Takeda-Imagawa ties, he married a daughter of Imagawa Yoshimoto. While Yoshinobu served for a time as lord of the Takeda clan, he rebelled against his father, and was captured and imprisoned together with Obu Toramasa. Yoshinobu committed suicide by seppuku. Yoshinobu's nephew Nobukatsu (son of his half-brother Katsuyori) replaced him as lord of the Takeda clan who also was responsible for his death.


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