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Tadeusz Zawadzki (Armia Krajowa)
Born (1921-01-24)January 24, 1921
Warsaw, Poland
Died August 20, 1943(1943-08-20) (aged 22)
Sieczychy, near Wyszków, Poland

Tadeusz Zawadzki codename: Zośka, Kajman, Kotwicki, Lech Pomarańczowy, Tadeusz (born January 24, 1921, Warsaw, Poland — died August 20, 1943, Sieczychy, near Wyszków, Poland) was a Polish Scoutmaster (harcmistrz), Polish scouting resistance activist and second lieutenant of the Armia Krajowa during the Second World War. He is a main character in Kamienie na szaniec, a book by Aleksander Kamiński, describing "Operation Arsenal" in Warsaw, as well as Barbara Wachowicz's Rudy, Alek, Zośka. Zawadzki himself commanded the Operation Arsenal, a daring action of the Polish resistance, which took place in Warsaw on March 26, 1943, and which resulted in freeing Zawadzki's former high school classmate, Jan Bytnar.


He died, aged 22, during the so-called "Taśma" action, an attack on a Grenzschutzpolizei building in Sieczychy, near Wyszków, during the night of 20 August and 21 August 1943. Soon after his death, Batalion Zośka (a Scouting battalion of the Home Army) was created and named after Zawadzki's codename.


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