Taddeo Manfredi

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Taddeo Manfredi (1431 – c. 1486) was lord of Imola from 1448 until 1473. As condottiero he was commander in the Florentine (1443–1448 and 1452) and Neapolitan (1448–1452) armies.

After inheriting the seigniory of Imola after the death of his father, Guidantonio Manfredi, he struggled long with his uncle Astorre II Manfredi, who held Faenza. The two re-conciliated in 1463, but the war was resumed four years later. In 1467, after having been besieged in Imola by Alessandro and Costanzo Sforza, he fought in the Battle of Molinella.

In 1471 his son Guidoriccio rebelled against him, and Taddeo was imprisoned under the authoriry of the Milanese general Roberto da Sanseverino. In 1472 he was freed, but the city rebelled against him. the following year he sold the city for 40,000 ducats to Cardinal Pietro Riario, who ceded it to Girolamo Riario. In 1482 he fought against the latter and was declared rebel by the Pope


Preceded by
Astorre II Manfredi
Lord of Imola
Succeeded by
Girolamo Riario

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