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Romanian main battle tank TR-85M1
Type Main battle tank
Place of origin  Romania
Weight 47.2 tonnes
Length 9.96 m (32.7 ft)
Width 3.435 m (11.27 ft)
Height 3.10 m (10.2 ft)
Crew 4

Armor 580 mm (23 in) against KE
100 mm gun A-308
7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, machine gun, 12.7 mm DShK anti-aircraft machine gun
Engine Model 8VS-A2T2M 8-cyl. diesel
860 hp (640 kW)
Power/weight 17 hp/tonne
Suspension torsion bar
400 km (250 mi)
Speed 60 km/h (37 mph)

The TR-85 is a Romanian main battle tank based on the TR-77-580 (Romanian-built successor of the Soviet T-55 tank) with a T-block powerpack (similar to the one used in the Leopard 1) based on a license-built V8 German 830 hp diesel engine, a locally-designed fire control system "Ciclop" with cross-wind sensor and LRF, and a completely redesigned suspension with 6 road wheels on each side, protected by metal side skirts. Combat weight is 47.2 tons. It was developed from 1978 to 1985, series production started in 1986. The tank was featured on BBC Three series 'The World's Toughest Driving Tests' in April 2010.


  • TR-85M - Improved TR-85 with bustle added to turret.
  • TR-85M1 "Bizonul" - This is a modernized version of the TR-85, fitted with a more powerful engine, a new fire control system "Ciclop-M1", a muzzle reference system and thermal sleeve and laser and thermal acquisition system. The tank is equipped with laser warning receivers, which are able to pick up reflected laser radiation, so even if the tank is not illuminated but there are LRF/LD in the area, the crew will be warned. It is equipped with twelve smoke grenades and a thermal trap. The newly designed 100 mm APFSDS round BM-412Sg gives the main gun a penetration of 450 mm of RHAe at over 1,000 meters range. The TR-85M1 also has a new, bigger turret with additional armour. Companies involved in the project were :Aerospatiale Matra, Sagem, Kollmorgen-Artus, Racall and Electromagnetica, Faur, Elprof, UM Resita, Aeroteh, IOR si IOEL
  • TR-85M2 - Still in tests.
  • DMT-85M1 - Armoured engineer vehicle with a new, fixed superstructure, a 6.5t crane and a Pearson's TWMP mine clearing plough. The commander has a cupola with RWS. An unknown number was ordered by the Romanian armed forces in 2009.[1]


 Romanian Land Force

  • 259 TR-85's in service
  • 56 TR-85M1's in service



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