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TP-82 in Saint Petersburg Artillery museum
Type Combination gun
Place of origin  Soviet Union
Service history
In service 1986–2006
Weight 2.4 kg (with stock)

Cartridge 5.45×39mm (below) and 12.5×70 shotgun shells (above)
Barrels 3
Effective range 200 meters
Feed system Break-open
Sights Iron

The TP-82 pistol (Russian: ТП-82) was a triple-barreled Soviet firearm that was carried by cosmonauts on space missions.

It was intended as a survival aid to be used after landings and before recovery in the Siberian wilderness. The upper two smoothbore barrels used 12.5×70 mm ammunition (32 gauge), and the lower rifled barrel used 5.45×39mm ammunition. The pistol could be used for hunting, to defend against predators and for visible and audible distress signals. The detachable buttstock was also a machete that came with a canvas sheath.

TP-82s were carried regularly on Soviet and Russian space missions from 1986 to 2006. They were part of the Soyuz Portable Emergency-Survival Kit (Носимый аварийный запас, Nosimyi Avariynyi Zapas, NAZ). In 2007, the media reported that the remaining ammunition for the TP-82 had become unusable and that a regular semi-automatic pistol would be used on future missions.

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