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TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit) is the name given to the Iron Man style suit that the US Army intends to design with the help of universities, laboratories and the technology industry. The aim of TALOS would be to provide soldiers in the US Army with a much better and more versatile protection than before. The suit, therefore would comprise of layers of smart material and sensors.[1]


TALOS was first presented by Adm.Bill McRaren, top officer of the Special Ops at a conference on May 2013. He said that the protective suit was inspired by one of his troops in Afghanistan[2]

Features envisioned[]

  • Reduced impact of load by intelligent weight distribution throughout the body.
  • Low power requirement.
  • Low suit profile to fit under the existing uniform comfortably.
  • Provide sensor cues to soldiers to reduce injuries.
  • Integrated components to provide joint support where user needs it most.
  • Reapply energy to enhance the efficiency of motion and improve overall metabolics.
  • Remain complaint and flexible stiffening only when needed.[3]


  • Power demand might require a lot of additional weight due to the power source.[4]

Anticipated release[]

The army says it expects ”1st gen capability” inside a year.[5] Though realistically, it might be longer than that[6]


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