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T65 assault rifle
CSF Type 65 rifle
Type Rifle
Place of origin  Taiwan
Service history
In service 1976 - Present
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Wars Salvadoran Civil War

Liberian Civil War
Iraq War
Haitian Civil War
Paraguayan guerrilla raid (2010)
Libyan civil war

Production history
Designer Combined Logistics Command
Manufacturer 205th Armory
Produced 1976
Variants T65K1, T65K2, T65K3
Weight 3.31 kg
Length 990 mm
Barrel length 508 mm
Crew 1

Cartridge 5.56x45mm NATO
Caliber 5.56 mm (.223 in)
Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire 700-800 RPM
Feed system Various STANAG Magazines.
Sights Iron

The T65 (聯勤 Type 65) is a rifle developed and manufactured by the Combined Logistics Command of the Republic of China Armed Forces in Taiwan. Originally patterned after the Armalite AR-18 that has a short-stroke gas system, the prototype unveiled in 1975 showed a rifle that is heavily influenced by the AR-15 family of rifles, albeit with modified iron sights, a reshaped stock, and redesigned handguards. The designated number '65' refers to the Year 65 of Republic of China (1976), which is the year the rifle's design was finalized. Upgraded versions were designated the Type 65K2 and Type 65K3.

The T65 rifle was the standard issue weapon for the army and the marine corps, the T65K2 model quickly supplanting all previous variant in frontline usage. Although the military did not replace the T65s with the T86 in 1997, the military police is already being issued with the follow-on T91 in 2002.


  •  El Salvador Used in the Salvadoran Armed forces and the National Civilian Police NCP (Policia Nacional Civil PNC).
  •  Guatemala
  •  Haiti
  •  Jordan
  •  Libya
  •  Liberia
  •  Panama
  •  Paraguay
  •  Republic of China
  •  Nicaragua


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