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T34 Heavy Tank
A T34 at the Aberdeen Proving Ground
Type Heavy tank
Place of origin United States
Service history
In service Trials only
Used by  United States Army
Production history
Designed 1945-1948
Number built 2[1]
Length 43 ft 3 in (13.18 m) gun forward
32 ft 10 in (10.01 m) gun aft
Width 12 ft 5 in (3.78 m) over sand shields
Height 10 ft 7 in (3.23 m) over cupola
Crew 6 (driver, gunner, loader, assistant loader, commander, assistant driver)

Armor hull front 102–203 mm (4.0–8.0 in) maximum
gun shield 279 mm (11.0 in) maximum
turret front 303 mm (11.9 in) [2]
120 mm T53 L/60 rifled gun (34 rounds)
2 x .50 in (12.7mm) M2HB AA (1,500 rounds), coaxial & pintle-mounted
1 x .30 in (7.6 mm) Browning M1919A4, bow & coaxial (2,500 rounds)
Engine 1,649 cu in (27.02 L) Continental AV-1790-3A1 air-cooled
810 hp (600 kW) net at 2800 rpm
Transmission General Motors CD-850-1 crossdrive, three speeds (two forward, one reverse)
Suspension torsion-bar
Fuel capacity 350 US gal (290 imp gal; 1,300 L)
Speed 22 mph (35 km/h) (on road)

The T34 Heavy Tank was an American design for a heavy tank. It was evolved from the T29 Heavy Tank and T30 Heavy Tank in 1945, sporting a 120 mm (4.72 in) modified anti-aircraft gun. Extra armor plating was applied to the rear of the turret bustle as a counterweight for the heavier 120mm T53[3][4] main gun. The vehicle was deemed too heavy and no production orders were placed.[5]


In 1945, encounters with heavy German tanks and tank destroyers such as the Tiger II and Jagdtiger lead to a new project to counter these new threats. It was built on the same chassis as the earlier T29 and T30, which was a lengthened version of the T26E3 chassis.[6]


There is at least one surviving example in National Armor and Cavalry Museum, Fort Benning, Georgia.[7][8]


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In World of Tanks, World of Tanks Blitz, and War Thunder. The T34 is a tier VIII tank in World of Tanks and World of Tanks Blitz and a tier IV tank in War Thunder

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