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T1 Cunningham
Type Light Tank
Place of origin  United States
Service history
In service prototype only
Used by United States of America
Production history
Designer James Cunningham
Designed 1922
Manufacturer James Cunningham, Son & Company (Rochester, NY)
Unit cost Unknown
Produced Prototypes only 1922-1934
Variants T1E2 and T1E4
Weight 8.8 tons (7.98 metric tons) (T1E2)
8.6 tons (7.8 metric tons) (T1E4)
Length 12 ft 9.6 in (T1E2)
15 ft 5 in (T1E4)
Width 6 ft 2.4 in (T1E2)
7 ft 2.75 in (T1E4)
Height 7 ft 7.2 in (T1E2)
6 ft 6.75 in (T1E4)
Crew 2 (T1E2) 1.Commander, Driver 2.Gunner, Radio Operator, Loader

Armor (T1E2) Hull Armour (inches) front 0.6 (15.24 mm), sides 0.4 (10.16 mm)
Turret Armour (inches) front 0.6 (15.24 mm), sides 0.25 (6.35 mm)

(T1E4) Hull Armour (inches) front 0.625 (15.875 mm), sides 0.25 (6.35 mm)
Turret Armour (inches) front 0.5 (12.7 mm), sides 0.25 (6.35 mm)
Main: 37 mm M5, L/50 smoothbore gun, (104 rounds)
Secondary: .30 cal M1919A4, coaxial, (3000 rounds)

Main: 37 mm semi-automatic M1924 smoothbore, (80 rounds)
Secondary: .30 cal M1919A2 MG, coaxial, (3000 rounds)
Engine Cunningham V8 gasoline, water cooled
132 hp (98 kW) (net) (T1E2)
140 hp (100 kW) (T1E4)
Suspension (T1E2) Leaf springs with 4 two wheeled bogies
(T1E4) Vickers-Armstrong type Semi-elliptic springing
T1E2 - Unknown
T1E4 - 85 miles
Speed (T1E2) 18.2 mph (29.29 kph)
(T1E4) 20 mph (32.2 kph)

The T1 Cunningham was a US light tank design that never left the prototype stages. Officially carrying the designations of T1E2 and T1E4, it continued through the development stages from 1922 through 1928. This tank was never mass produced, nor was it ever fielded.

The T1E2 had a turret at the top rear of the tank that required the traverse by hand. It had an overall weight of 8.8 tons and was powered with a gasoline V-type 8 cylinder water cooled engine producing 132 horsepower. The transmission was a Cotta brand with 3 forward and 1 reverse gears. Armament included the 37 mm M5, L/50 main gun with a secondary machine gun as a .30 cal M1919A4, coaxial.

The T1E4 had a centrally mounted turret with a full 360º manual traverse. It had an overall weight of 8.6 tons and was powered with a gasoline V-8 water cooled engine producing 140 horsepower. The transmission was a modified Cotta sliding gear with 3 forward and 1 reverse gears. Armament included the 37 mm semi-automatic M1924 and the secondary machine gun was a .30 cal M1919A2 MG, coaxial.[1]

It is unknown how many were actually produced in the prototype stages, but there is at least one known to have been created, currently at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, USA.[2]

Further reading

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