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T. R. Fehrenbach, Jr.
Born (1925-01-12)January 12, 1925
San Benito, Texas, U.S.
Died December 1, 2013(2013-12-01) (aged 88)
San Antonio, Texas
Residence San Antonio, Texas
Occupation Historian
Columnist for San Antonio Express-News and other publications
Spouse(s) Lillian Fehrenbach

Theodore Reed "T. R." Fehrenbach, Jr. (January 12, 1925 – December 1, 2013) was an American historian, columnist, and the former head of the Texas Historical Commission (1987-1991).[1] He graduated from Princeton University in 1947,[2] and had published more than twenty books, including the bestseller Lone Star: A History of Texas and Texans[3] and This Kind of War, about the Korean War. This Kind of War is seen by many senators and generals as “perhaps the best book ever written on the Korean War”[4] (John McCain, The Wall Street Journal). Secretary of Defense James Matthis said “There’s a reason I recommended T.R. Fehrenbach’s book...that we all pull it out and read it one more time.”[5][6]

Although he served as a U.S. Army officer during the Korean War, his own service is not mentioned in the book. Fehrenbach also wrote for Esquire, The Atlantic, The Saturday Evening Post, and The New Republic.[7] He was known as an authority on Texas,[8] Mexico, and the Comanche people.[citation needed] For almost 30 years, he wrote a weekly column on Sundays for the San Antonio Express-News. On August 23, 2013, T.R. Fehrenbach announced that he would retire from writing columns because of declining health.[9] T.R. Fehrenbach died of a congenital heart defect at Northeast Baptist Hospital in San Antonio on December 1, 2013.[10][11]

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T. R. Fehrenbach Award

The Texas Historical Commission gives this award to recognize books about Texas history and pre-history. The award is given annually.[1]


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