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Sverre Bergh with his father Erik Bergh in Norway 1958

Sverre Bergh (1920–30 April 2006) was a Norwegian spy in Nazi Germany during World War II.

He grew up in Asker outside Oslo. When he was 20 years old, he went to Dresden, Germany to study at Dresden Technische Hochschule in 1940. Before leaving, he was recruited by the Norwegian intelligence group XU. His role was to investigate information given to him by Paul Rosbaud and report this back to XU and the British Secret Intelligence Service, while living under the cover of being a student.

Sverre Bergh was an important source of information on the German technological development. Among other things, he was the first to report on the V2 development in Peenemünde.

After the war, Sverre Bergh worked in several other countries and became an American citizen. With help from Norwegian author Svein Sæter, he told his story in the book Spion i Hitlers Rike, published in 2006.

Sverre Bergh died in Connecticut, USA on 30 April 2006.

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