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Sventiany Offensive
Part of the Eastern Front during World War I
Eastern Front in the second half of 1915.
DateAugust 26 (N.S. September 8)
to September 19 (N.S. October 2), 1915
LocationSventiany, Russian Empire (Now Švenčionys, Lithuania)
Result Russian victory
 German Empire  Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders
German Empire Hermann v. Eichhorn Russian Empire Yevgeniy Radkevich
Russian Empire Pavel Plehve
Units involved
German 10th Army Russian 10th Army
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Sventiany Offensive was a military operation mostly undertaken by the 10th German Army against the 10th Russian Army as part of the Eastern Front during World War I. On September 9, 1915, four German cavalry divisions, enforced from September 13 by two others, filled the gap in the Russian front and deployed an attack to gain the rear of 10th Russian army. On September 9 the Germans broke the Russian defence and six cavalry divisions were thrown into breach. Later the German onslaught, devoid of infantry and artillery support, weakened and on September 15–16 was finally stopped by the newly formed 2nd Russian army. On October 2 the Sventiany breach was eliminated.


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