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Summer 2011 Jabal al-Zawiya operation
Part of the Civil uprising phase of the Syrian civil war
Date28 June – 7 July 2011
(1 week and 2 days)
LocationJabal al-Zawiya, Syria
Result Protests suppressed

Syrian opposition

  • Opposition protesters

Syrian government

Units involved

5th Armoured Division

  • 112th Mechanised Brigade

Special Forces
3,000 fighters and protesters 800 soldiers
30 tanks
Casualties and losses
60+ killed 32+ killed soldiers

The Summer 2011 Jabal al-Zawiya operation occurred during an early phase of the Syrian civil war. On Wednesday, June 29 Syrian army launched an extensive operation in the villages of Jebel al-Zawiya in the west of the Idlib province, claiming the lives of at least 11 people.[1]

A resident of Jabal al-Zawya said he heard large explosions overnight around the villages of Rama and Orum al-Joz, west of the highway linking the cities of Hama and Aleppo.[1] Another resident said 30 tanks rolled into Jabal al-Zawya on Monday from the village of Bdama on the Turkish border, where troops broke into houses and burnt crops.[1]

On June 30, it was reported that Syrian army forces spread through a restive mountainous area near the Turkish border, as the death toll from a two-day military siege rose to 19 people, according to activists and a witness.[2]

Scope of assault

The action by Syrian troops in the northwestern area of Jabal al-Zawiya appeared to be aimed at preventing residents from fleeing to Turkey.[2]


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