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A Suburito

A suburitō (素振り刀?) is a type of bokken, a wooden practice sword originating in Japan.

Description and use

The suburitō is much thicker at the blade than the handle which makes the suburitō much heavier than a normal bokken.[1] Suburitō are used for practicing suburi (sword swinging exercises) and kata (prearranged exercises). The weight of the suburitō is used for strengthening and conditioning in addition to development of spirit. The suburitō is used to perfect individual technique as well.

A suburitō is commonly around 115 cm (45 in) in length, with a mass of 1 kg (2.2 lb). However, these bokuto can vary widely in size and weight. Suburitō generally do not include a guard.

Legend has it that Miyamoto Musashi carved a bokken that resembled a suburitō out of a boat oar as he traveled to his famous duel with Sasaki Kojiro, whom he supposedly killed.[citation needed]


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