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Sumargad Fort
Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra, India
Coordinates Latitude: 17.808504
Longitude: 73.5118496
Government of India
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the public


Top of the fort


Sumargad is a less visited forts in Ratnagiri district. This fort lies east of the Khed. It is about 19 km from Khed city.There are no human settlements around the fort. There are two ways to reach Sumargad one is from Mahipatgad and the other one from Rasalgad.[1] The trek to this fort is through remote forest area. Very less history is known about this fort.

Places to see

The fort is having steep cliff on all the sides. It is a very small fort, with fortification over an area of 1-2 acres. There are many rock cut water cisterns on the fort. Only two cisterns have clear and clear potable water. There is cave on the fort with Shivalinga. From the top of fort Mahipatgad, Rasalgad, Chakdev and Parvatgad are seen.[2]

How to reach

The route to this fort passes through dense forest area. The pathways are less used by humans or cattles. Since there are no water streams in the entire forest area, it is advised to carry enough water while trekking to the fort. It takes about 2 hours from Wadi-beldar and 4 hours from Rasalgad. The paths meet in a narrow pass.The path going to the south, by climbing the spur lead to the base of the fort in 30 minutes. The further path dwindles very close to the eastern rocky cliff of the fort, till an iron-ladder is reached. The villagers of Malde village have recently constructed the ladder to reach the top of the fort.The best months to visit the fort is from October to January.


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