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The Sturmbrigade Reichsführer-SS was a German military unit of World War II. It was formed in February 1943 when Adolf Hitler ordered the Begleit-Bataillon Reichsführer-SS (Heinrich Himmler's escort battalion), which had proved itself in battle, be upgraded to the status of an assault brigade or Sturmbrigade thus Sturmbrigade Reichsführer SS was established. It was upgraded in France and remained stationed there until the invasion of Italy in September 1943 when it was sent south with the 505. Artillerie Bataillon (sf).

The brigade was stationed in Corsica where it served as part of the garrison until 8 September 1943, when heavy fighting broke out on the island between the Sturmbrigade and the Italian 20th Infantry Division Friuli and 44th Infantry Division Cremona. Along with the 90th Panzergrenadier Division coming from Sardinia the brigade broke through to Bastia in Northern Corsica, from where the German units were evacuated in the first days of October 1943. Afterwards the brigade was sent to Italy and reorganized into the 16th SS Panzergrenadier Division Reichsführer-SS.


Sturmbrigade Reichsführer SS - SS-Ostubaf. Karl Gesele

I. SS-Grenadier Bataillon - SS-Stubaf. Max Dallinger:

  1. Schützen Company - SS-Ostuf. Hatz
  2. Schützen Company - SS-Ostuf. Diesenreitter
  3. Schützen Company - SS-Ostuf. Danner
  4. Machine Gun Company - SS-Ostuf. Rosenberger
  5. Infantry Antitank Company- SS-Ostuf. Haider

II. Grenadier Bataillon (Army) - Hptm. Meyer (absorbed - former 356.Infantrie Division, III./IR 870):

  1. Schützen Kompanie - (typical)
  2. Schützen Kompanie - (typical)
  3. Schützen Kompanie - (typical)
  4. Maschinen Gewehr Kompanie - (typical)
  5. Infantrie Geschütz Kompanie - (typical)

SS-Panzerjager Bataillon - SS-Hstuf. Subkleve:

  1. Panzerjäger Company
  2. Panzerjäger Company

SS-Sturmgeschütz Battalion - SS-Hstuf. Krauß:

  1. Sturmgeschütz Battery
  2. Sturmgeschütz Battery
  3. Sturmgeschütz Battery

SS-Flak Battalion - SS-Hstuf. Hieber:

  1. Flak Company [2,0 cm]
  2. Flak Company [8,8 cm]
  3. Flak Company [8,8 cm]
  4. Flak Company [8,8 cm]

Tanks & Assault Guns

RFSS trained on Panzer IV's but were issued with Sturmgeschütz III in the spring and summer of 1943.

  • Apr 43 RFSS-Sturmgeschütz Battery was formed with 10x Sturmgeschütz III.
  • Jul 43 RFSS-Sturmgeschütz Battalion was formed with 10x Sturmgeschütz III in each Sturmgeschütz Battery (1.-3.Batteries).

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