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Stora Sofia
Stora Sofia.jpg
Draught of Stora Sofia
Career (Denmark & Norway) Danish Navy Ensign
Name: Stora Sofia
Builder: Slottö shipyard in Nakskov
Launched: 1627
Fate: Sank on 25 May 1645 near Buskär
General characteristics
Length: 147½ Danish feet[1]
Beam: 34 Danish feet[1]
Draught: 14⅓ Danish feet[1]
Complement: 1644: 280
1627: 334[1]
Armament: 54-58 guns

Stora Sofia (Danish language: Grand Sofia )[Note 1] was a Danish ship of the line that sank on 25 May 1645 near Buskär outside the harbour of Göteborg.

Construction and design[]

The ship was built in 1627 on the Slottö shipyard in Nakskov in Denmark after a design of Scottish shipbuilder Daniel Sinclair. Stora Sofia was the flagship of the navy of the Danish king Christian IV. She was armed with 44 cannons on three decks; according to contemporary sources, she had four 48-pounders, eighteen 24-pounders, twenty 8-pounders and several smaller cannons.


During the short Torstenson War between Denmark-Norway and Sweden in 1645, Denmark put an embargo on the young city of Göteborg, founded in 1621. Stora Sofia was the flagship of a Danish fleet under admiral Ove Gjedde that was ordered to enforce the embargo. Shortly after the arrival of the fleet, a storm broke loose and threw the Stora Sofia onto the rocks. The ship sank to a depth of 27 metres; her crew was saved.

Discovery of the wreck[]

The wreck was rediscovered only in 1961. More thorough explorations and archeological studies began in the 1980s.

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  1. The name is also sometimes spelled Sophia or Sancte Sophia


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