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Steven Joseph Zaloga
Born February 1, 1952(1952-02-01) (age 70)
Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Residence Abingdon, Maryland
Education Union College, Schenectady, NY, B.A. cum laude (History)
Columbia University, M.A. (History)
Certificate in International Affairs; graduate study at University of Cracow
Political party Republican
Board member of New York Military Affairs Symposium (member of executive board)
Religion Roman Catholic[1]
Parents John A. (a foreman) and Muriel (a high school language teacher; maiden name, Desautels) Zaloga

Steven J. Zaloga (born February 1, 1952) is an American historian, defense consultant, and a well-known author on military technology. He received a Bachelors Degree cum laude at Union College and a Masters Degree at Columbia University, both in history. He has published many books dealing with modern military technology, and especially Soviet and CIS tanks and armoured warfare. He is a senior analyst at the Teal Group.[2][3]

He is also a noted scale armor modeler and is a moderator of the World War II Allied Discussion group at, a modelling website. He is a frequent contributor to the UK-based modeling magazine Military Modelling. He is a member of the Armor Modeling and Preservation Society.


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