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Stanisław Mateusz Rzewuski
Personal details
Born 1662
Died November 4, 1728 (aged 65–66)
  • Dorota Cetner h. Przerowa
  • Ludwika Kunicka h. Bończa

Stanisław Mateusz Rzewuski (1662–1728) was a Polish nobleman (szlachcic).

He was a Royal Colonel since 1690, General of foreign mercenaries contingent and Krajczy of the Crown since 1702, Great Recorder of the Crown since 1703, Field Crown Hetman since 1706, voivode of Podlasie Voivodeship since 1710, Great Crown Hetman and voivode of Bełz Voivodeship since 1726, starost chełmski, drohowyski, kłodawski, nowosielski, lubomski.

He was married to Dorota Cetner and they had one child, Seweryn Józef Rzewuski. He was later married to Ludwika Kunicka and they had four more children: Wacław Rzewuski, Marianna Rzewuska, Sabina Rzewuska and Anna Rzewuska.

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