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Stanisław Ferdynant Rzewuski
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Personal details
Born 1737
Died June 16, 1786 (aged 48–49)
Spouse(s) Katarzyna Karolina Radziwiłł

Stanisław Ferdynant Rzewuski (1737–1786) was a Polish noble (szlachcic). Knight of the Order of the White Eagle, awarded on 1760.

Son of Marshal, and Hetman Wacław Rzewuski and Princess Anna Lubomirska. He married the daughter of Hetman and Court Marshals Michał Kazimierz "Rybeńko" Radziwiłł, Katarzyna Karolina Radziwiłł on June 13, 1758 in Nieśwież. They had six children together: Seweryn Rzewuski, Adam Wawrzyniec Rzewuski, Teofilia Rzewuska, Anna Rzewuska, Franciszka Rzewuska and Karolina Rzewuska.

He was Rotmistrz Pancerny since 1755, Great Podstoli of Lithuania since 1759, Great Chorąży of Lithuania from 1762 to 1782, starost of Chełm and Field Marshal of Austria.

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