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Standard Army Maintenance System-Enhanced (SAMS-E) SAMS-E is a United States Army Logistics Information System considered a mission critical system that supports Combat Services Support (CSS) Table of Organization and Equipment (TO&E) unit level maintenance elements, Field and Sustainment maintenance shop production activities, and Maintenance managers from the battalion to wholesale levels. SAMS-E was created by MAT after receiving the initial Army contract in 2004McLane Advanced Technologies (MAT) in Temple, Texas.[when?] On February 12, 2012 MAT announced the successful release of version 13.01.06 for SAMS-E.[1]


SAMS-E was developed by MAT after being awarded the initial contract in 2004 for modernizing the army's various computer programs (ULLS-G, SAMS-1, SAMS-2, and SAMS I/TDA). McLane also received follow-on contracts in 2006 and 2010 for product development. These two contracts totaled $143M.[2]

Technical Characteristics

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7 and Windows Server
  • Database: Oracle
  • Languages: C#, Visual Studio.NET
  • Hardware: COTS notebooks, host, printer and AIT equipment (handheld device, wireless access point, encoder/decoder)


SAMS-E consists of SAMS-1E and SAMS-2E. Although not part of the SAMS they communicate with the SARSS system. It replaces and enhances the ULLS-G (Unit Level Logistics-Ground), SAMS-1 and SAMS-2 legacy systems by:

  • incorporating the Windows graphical user interface
  • integrating the Windows operating system
  • merging functionality of ULLS-G into SAMS-1.[3]

This effort[which?] was a maintenance systems modernization initiative which allowed SAMS-E to act as a bridge between current functionality and future systems. SAMS-E modernizes[how?] the following functions:

  • Automated unit level maintenance, supply, and readiness reporting functions
  • Day-to-day weapon system and sub-component readiness status
  • Maintenance and related repair parts information
  • Management functions from the tactical direct support (DS)/general support (GS) level maintenance activities and supports the transition to the Field and Sustainment Maintenance concept (Two-Levels of Maintenance[which?])

SAMS-E will be replaced by the Global Combat Support System-Army.


  • McLane Maintenance Management System (MMS)-MMS is a commercial fleet management software program that builds upon's MAT's knowledge gained in developing similar products for large customers like the US Army.

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