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Staff Leader
[[Image:Standarte Stabsführer beim RJF.svg Standarte Stabsführer NSFK.svg NSKK Chefstabsführer 2.svg Oberste SA Führung.svg|120px]]
Standards for the Stabsführer of HJ, NSFK, NSKK and SA
Nazi Party
Status Abolished
Member of Hitler Youth
National Socialist Flyers Corps
National Socialist Motor Corps
Reports to Reichsjugendführer (HJ)
Korpsführer (NSFK)
Korpsführer (NSKK)
Stabschef (SA)
Appointer Führer of the NSDAP
Formation November 1931
Abolished May 1945

A Stabsführer (translated as Staff Leader) served as a deputy to the leader of Hitler Youth, National Socialist Flyers Corps, National Socialist Motor Corps or Sturmabteilung. It was furthermore a Hitler Youth paramilitary rank held by the senior most member of the Adult Leadership Corps. The SS-Oberabschnitt (major districts) and SS-Abschnitt (sub districts) of the Allgemeine SS each had their own Stabsführer to head certain staff of the district. In the SS-Abschnitt they were often the de facto leader.[1]

Office holders

Hitler Youth

Hitler Youth Stabsführer should insignia

Stabsführer Took office Left office Time in office
1Nabersberg, KarlKarl Nabersberg
November 1931June 19342 years, 7 months
2Lauterbacher, HartmannHartmann Lauterbacher
22 May 1934August 19406 years, 2 months
3Möckel, HelmutHelmut Möckel
August 194015 February 1945 †4 years, 6 months
-Petter, KurtKurt Petter (Acting)
15 February 19458 May 19452 months


Stabsführer Took office Left office Time in office
1Obergruppenführer Gerhard Sporleder
193619403–4 years
2Obergruppenführer de (Karl Sauke)
194019454–5 years


Stabsführer Took office Left office Time in office
1Seydel, JosefObergruppenführer de (Josef Seydel)
193510 April 1945 †9–10 years


Stabsführer Took office Left office Time in office
1Herzog, OttoObergruppenführer de (Otto Herzog)
1 May 19366 May 1945 †9 years, 5 days


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