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Spokane Air Defense Sector Airdefensecommand-logo.jpg
Emblem of the Spokane Air Defense Sector
Active 1958–1963
Country  United States
Branch  United States Air Force
Type Fighter Interceptor and Radar
Role Air Defense
Part of Air Defense Command

Map of Spokane ADS

The Spokane Air Defense Sector (SPADS) is an inactive United States Air Force organization. Its last assignment was with the Air Defense Command 25th Air Division (25th AD) at Larson Air Force Base, Washington.


SAGE Air Defense Sector

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SPADS was established in September 1958 assuming responsibility for air defense in eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana. The organization eventually also provided command and control over several interceptor aircraft and radar squadrons.

On 8 September the new Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) Direction Center (DC-15) became operational. 47°10′53″N 119°19′16″W / 47.18139°N 119.32111°W / 47.18139; -119.32111 (SpADS-SAGE DC-15) DC-15 was equipped with dual AN/FSQ-7 Computers. The day-to-day operations of the command was to train and maintain tactical flying units flying jet interceptor aircraft (F-94 Starfire; F-102 Delta Dagger; F-106 Delta Dart) in a state of readiness with training missions and series of exercises with SAC and other units simulating interceptions of incoming enemy aircraft. However, until March 1960, SPADS did not have operational command over the radar and interceptor aircraft it directed. Instead, they were assigned to the 4700th Air Defense Wing until March 1960. The 4700th was transferred from direct assignment to 25th AD to SPADS briefly before being discontinued in July.

The Sector was inactivated on 1 September 1963 and its units were assigned to the 25th AD.

4700th Air Defense Wing

The Sector's only wing was designated and organized as 4700th Air Defense Wing at Geiger Field Washington to provide air defense of the northwestern United States on 1 September 1958.[1] It was assigned two fighter groups flying fighter interceptor aircraft (F-102 Delta Dagger, F-104 Starfighter, and F-106 Delta Dart)[2] and ten radar squadrons to accomplish its mission. When its 498th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron (part of the 84th Fighter Group) converted to F-106As, it became the first combat ready squadron flying Delta Darts.[3] In May 1959, the wing's 4721st Air Defense Group at Larson was discontinued and its 538th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron transferred directly to the wing[4]

On 15 March 1960, the wing's 636th,[5] 637th,[5] 822d[6] and 823d Aircraft Control and Warning Squadrons[6] and 538th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron[4] were transferred to SPADS. Other radar units assigned to the wing, however, were transferred to other ADC organizations. The 634th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron[5] at Burns AFS, Oregon, in May 1960; the 638th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron[7] at Curlew AFS, Washington in December 1959, the 680th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron[8] at Yaak AFS, Montana in July 1960; the 716th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron[9] at Geiger Field, Washington in May 1959 and the 821st Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron[6] at Baker AFS, Oregon in May 1960.

In May, the wing and its 84th Fighter Group[10] were also transferred, leaving the wing without an operational mission, and it was discontinued on 30 June 1960.


  • Established as Spokane Air Defense Sector on 8 September 1958
Inactivated on 1 September 1963



  • Larson AFB, Washington, 8 September 1958 – 1 September 1963



Geiger Field, Washington, 15 May 1960-1 July 1960


Geiger Field, Washington, 1 July 1960-15 July 1963

Interceptor squadron

Larson AFB, Washington, 15 May 1960-1 July 1960

Radar squadrons

Condon AFS, Oregon, 15 March 1960-1 June 1963
Othello AFS, Washington, 15 March 1960-1 June 1963
Colville AFS, Washington, 15 March 1960-1 June 1961
Cottonwood AFS, Idaho, 1 June 1963-25 June 1965

Mica Peak AFS, Washington, 15 March 1960-1 June 1963
Kamloops AS, British Columbia, 15 March 1960-1 April 1962
Saskatoon Mountain AS, Alberta, 15 March 1960-1 April 1963

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