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The spillover of the Tigray War is the impact of the Tigray War on other countries, particularly in Sudan.[1] This spillover mainly consists of Ethiopian refugees, of which more than 50,000 have crossed the Ethiopia–Sudan border.[2] There have also been border clashes, mostly between the Sudanese Armed Forces and Ethiopian militias, but the Sudanese government has also claimed ambushes by the Ethiopian National Defense Force have taken place.[3]



  • 28 December: Sudan says they retook 11 villages that were captured by Ethiopian militias.[4]
  • 28 December: Fighting in the town of Lilli after Amhara forces attacked, displaced 1,000 farmers.[4]
  • 31 December: Acting Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Omer Ismail announced in a news conference that the Sudanese Armed Forces recaptured the remaining disputed territories of al-Fashqa district, which was previously settled by Amhara farmers.[5]


  • 2 January: Sudan sends reinforcement to the Ethiopian border.[6]
  • 3 January: Sudan arrested 45 TPLF fighters that crossed over into Sudan.[7]
  • 4 January: Amhara militias from Ethiopia kidnapped and killed an unknown number of herders in Sudan.[8]
  • 6 January: Sudan says they repelled two attacks from Ethiopia and captured an Ethiopian soldier.[9]
  • 9 January: Ethiopia built a fence to stop refugees from crossing into Sudan.[10]
  • 11 January: Ethiopian forces infiltrated 5 km into Sudanese territory, killing six civilians.[11]
  • 13 January: A Sudanese Mil Mi-24 helicopter crashes near the Ethiopian border.[12]
  • 13 January: An Ethiopian military aircraft crossed the Ethiopia–Sudan border.[13]
  • 13 January: Sudanese military captured nine Ethiopian Military camps inside Ethiopia.[14]
  • 18 January: A cross border attack by a militia from Ethiopia killed two shepherds in the al-Qallabat al-Sharqiya locality. The attackers stole 250 sheep in the attack.[15]
  • 20 January: An Ethiopian militia group attacked five Kilometers into Sudan destroying a car and injuring a farmer, the attack displaced 25 people.[16]
  • 24 January: Ethiopia fired mortar shells at a Sudanese patrol, causing Sudan to respond with their own mortar shelling in eastern Al-Gadaref province.[17]
  • 28 January: Ethiopia started deploying artillery, tanks, and anti aircraft systems to the border with Sudan.[18]
  • 30 January: Ethiopian militias kidnaped 3 merchants in the Basindah area causing Sudan to deploy military reinforcements to the area.[19]


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