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Special Operations Command
Danish SOKOM logo.svg
Active 1 September 2014; ago (2014-09-01)
Country  Kingdom of Denmark
Branch Danish Defence
Type Special operations
Part of Defence Command
Headquarters Aalborg Air Base
Nickname(s) SOKOM
Motto(s) Styrke Gennem Fælles Indsats (Strength Through Joint Effort)
Chief of SOKOM Major general Peter Boysen
Chief of Jaeger Corps Lieutenant colonel Kåre Jakobsen
Chief of Frogman Corps Commander Jens Bach

The Special Operations Command (Danish language: Specialoperationskommandoen ) (SOKOM) is a command of Danish Defence part of the Defence Command. SOKOM was established in 2014 to unite Jaeger Corps (Danish language: Jægerkorpset ) and Frogman Corps (Danish language: Frømandskorpset ) under one command and is based at Aalborg Air Base.


SOKOM was established on 1 September 2014 as part of the Danish Defence Agreement 2013-2017 with Major General Jørgen Høll appointed as the first chief. The defence agreement called for the creation of SOKOM with the aim of "strengthening and increasing the future capabilities within special operations, including capabilities of the Air Force".[1]

On 1 July 2015, Jaeger Corps was transferred from the Royal Danish Army and Frogman Corps from the Royal Danish Navy to SOKOM.[2]

SOKOM is tasked with working with national and international partners, where SOKOM will be able to offer a special operations alternative to conventional military solutions and to be able to deploy a headquarters element to support special operations on foreign soil.[1]

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