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Soviet submarine K-11
November class submarine
Laid down: 31 October 1960[1]
Launched: 1 September 1961[1]
Commissioned: 30 December 1961[1]
Decommissioned: 19 April 1990[1]
Fate: laid up as of 2000[1]
General characteristics
Class & type: November class submarine
Service record
Part of: Northern Fleet: 3rd division of nuclear submarines of 1st submarine flotilla in 1962–1975 and 17th submarine division of 11th submarine flotilla since 1975.[1]

K-11 was a Soviet November-class (Project 627A) nuclear-powered attack submarine that had two reactor accidents during loading of the nuclear reactor core in Severodvinsk on 7 and 12 February 1965.[1][2] Reasons for the accidents included nonobservance of operating instructions by those participating in the lift of the reactor cover and the mistaken decision to continue refueling after the first accident.[1] There were no fatalities but those accidents (ejection of radioactive steam and inappropriate fire extinguishing methods on 12 February[1]) caused an unsafe release of radiation into the environment and nearby shipyard area. Seven men were treated for exposure to radiation.[3] The reactor compartment holding the two damaged reactors was removed, partially decontaminated and sunk in Abrosimov Bay (east coast of Novaya Zemlya) in the Kara Sea in 1966.[2][3] A new reactor compartment was installed and the submarine continued to perform her duties from August 1968 (performed 5 long-range cruises in 1968–1970 including patrol missions in the Mediterranean Sea, 4 long-range cruises in 1975–1977, 5 long-range cruises in 1982–1985) until decommissioning on 19 April 1990. K-11 passed the milestone of 220,179 miles traveled in 1988. The submarine has been laid up in Gremikha Bay since of 2000.[1]


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