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The Southeastern Front was a front of the Soviet Army during World War II. It was formed on 5 August 1942 out of parts of the Stalingrad Front, using the command elements from the First Tank Army and the disbanded Southern Front. On 28 September the Southeastern Front was renamed the Stalingrad Front, whilst the former Stalingrad Front was renamed the Don Front.

The front's main aim was to prevent the German advance towards the River Volga and ward off the threat of a German encirclement of Stalingrad. For this purpose it included 52nd, 57th and 64th Armies - 28th and 62nd Armies and 8th Air Army were later added.


  • Colonel-General Andrey Yeryomenko;
  • Brigadekomissar Lajok VM (Member of the Military Council - August 1942);
  • The Ukrainian Communist Party Central Committee Secretary Nikita Khrushchev (Member of the Military Council, August - September 1942);
  • Major General GF Sakharov (Chief of Staff, August–September 1942).

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