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South Africa Medal (1854)

South Africa Medal 1854 BAR.svg
Obverse (top left) and reverse (top right) of the medal. Ribbon: 32mm, gold with broad and narrow deep blue stripes towards each end.
Awarded by United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Type Campaign medal
Eligibility British forces.
Awarded for Campaign service.
Campaign Southern Africa 1834-53.
Description Silver disk, 36mm diameter.
Clasps None authorised.
Established 1854

The South Africa Medal (1854 SAM) was a campaign medal approved in 1854, for issue to officers and men of the Royal Navy and British Army.

The 1854 SAM was awarded to participants in three campaigns in Southern Africa: the "Kaffir" or "Frontier" Wars of 1834–5 (First Kaffir War, also known as the Sixth Frontier War), 1846–7 (Second Kaffir, Seventh Frontier), and 1850–3 (Third Kaffir, Eighth Frontier).

No clasps were issued, therefore it is not immediately possible to determine which war(s) any particular medal was awarded for (reference must be made to the appropriate medal rolls).

A list of recipients, their campaigns, and regimental profiles are given by Everson (1978).

The die for the medal was engraved by Leonard Charles Wyon.


None authorised.



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